Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Club Penguin Membership Codes


ImSure your here cause you play and love club penguin. The reason you are here is because you want to get your hands on a CP Membership code. Luckly for you there is some working ones that we are giving out mostly are 1 year membership which is not bad considering they are given for free.

The membership code will allow you to unlock everything in the game but there is a max limit to how many people can use the same membership code which the limit is 3. No Credit card is required to get this membership codes or paypal just scroll down below to see how to get your free membership.

From what i heard people are saying the game  gets harder as you get further in the game. So if your not a member its more complicated for you to advance since your basically a free user where in this world you have to pay to have fun which is sadly true so that is why I decided to give out some Memberships for your own when your playing the game.

What does a Club Membership Code Do?

    * Unlock all game mini levels and the capability to buy mini-game upgrades.
    * Transform into a Water or Fire Ninja.
    * Acess the ability to play Card-Jitsu Water & Fire.
    * Join VIP List - get access to rooms & servers. No waiting!
    * Access to special member only places within the Club Penguin Game World.
    * Make 20 Puffles as pets and access every available color.
    * Lastly access to different house or Igloo options, with the capability to decorate them you own style.



How to Activate your Code?
1. Navigate to https://secure.clubpenguin.com/membership/activate_card.php
2. Where you see Select Card, click it where is says Membership Card .
3. Type your penguin username and Password to let them activate your membership.
4. Lastly Put Club Penguin Membership Code on the bottom.
5. Of course you click submit and it should redirect you to your account where your now a member.

How do I get club penguin membership codes?

Lets just say I have a friend who is a computer programmer nerd who figured out how club penguin generates codes that will allow you to access the members area of club penguin. I purchased it from him and that is why you need to fill out a survey before receiving  your club penguin membership code.